About a year ago a ChristCare group was formed at Immanuel for “empty nesters” or those soon to be “empty nesters”. We have been meeting twice a month; growing together as we study God‟s word, praying for one other and for those in our lives as well as getting to know each other as we walk through this time in our lives and learn
what God has planned for us.

We wanted to find a missional service project that would help us reach out to others, but also be meaningful to our group and be consistent with the mission statement of Immanuel “Equipping Saints to Make Disciples”. Through some group brain storming we came up with the idea of “share packages” for Immanuel‟s college students who were living away from home. You may be familiar with a care package or even received one as a student yourself. The difference in a „share package‟ is that we asked the college student to share some of the goodies with their roommate, a friend or an acquaintance. Our hope was they might have the opportunity to witness to another student in a very easy way. We were able to send 23 packages to Immanuel students whose school addresses were provided to the office. It seems to have worked! We have received notes back saying:

"It was a great way to share with fellow students and was a chance to witness to others. It was a very nice surprise from my "hometown" church." "
It is refreshing to be reminded of the support we have behind us, regardless of the vicinity." "
I/we are blessed to have your thoughts and prayers, and please know that I am extremely grateful."
If you are interested in contributing or working on this project,
please contact Andy or Laurel Halstead