Movie #2: Dreamer (2005)

Genre: Drama/Family/Sport

Length: 106 minutes

Rating: PG for brief mild language

Plot: This movie, inspired by a true story, focuses primarily on Ben Crane and his daughter, Cale. Ben trains racehorses and seldom has much time for his daughter, who loves horses herself. When something appears to be wrong with a prize filly before a race, Ben tells the owner not to race her. When he does and the filly falls and breaks her leg, the owner fires Ben and gives him the horse in lieu of wages. Against all odds, Ben and Cale, with the help of Ben’s father, nurse the horse – and their own relationship – back to health.


Discussion Starter Questions:

v  What was Cale’s relationship with her father like at the beginning of the movie? What was it like at the end?

v  What was Ben’s relationship with his father like at the beginning of the movie? What was it like at the end?

v  What caused the changes in these relationships?

v  Describe a relationship in your own life where healing took place. What did it take for it to begin healing?

v  What else can we learn from this movie about the importance of family?

-          From the book, Field Guide to Neighborhood Outreach by Group Publishing, 2007.

Note: A couple of weeks ago, we featured the outreach idea of having a Movie Night with your neighbors. Over the next few weeks, we’ll provide several more tips and movie choice ideas you might like to choose from for your party. Or, you might wish to host several Movie Nights for your neighbors over the course of our long Wisconsin winter in order to incorporate all of these films. Whatever you choose, have fun! – Lisa Jaeger