The purpose of the Beginnings Nursery Roll - Growing In Christ program is to welcome parents and children into the church family using the “Beginnings” program materials, which include timely mailings that will help parents direct their infants’ earliest religious training (ages 0-3). The program also aims to connect each baptized infant with a prayer partner from the congregation. Initially, a roll representative presents the family with a packet that includes a baby’s milestones calendar, a pamphlet on baptism, a lullaby audiocassette, a baby book, and a pewter medallion (provided by Thrivent).

After three years of mailings, representatives encourage children to continue their spiritual growth by joining Immanuel’s Sunday School program. Roll representatives should be Immanuel members who are reliable and responsible, and have secretarial skills such as legible handwriting and organization, as well as the spiritual gift of hospitality. Mailings are usually compiled and sent out monthly and for each baptism. Contact Karen Leissring for more information.

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