The Immanuel Lutheran Foundation of Brookfield, Wisconsin, Inc. helps Immanuel Lutheran Church accomplish its mission of Equipping the Saints for Ministry by providing giving opportunities for the mission and ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church. The purpose of the Foundation is to operate and engage in activities relating to charitable, religious, and educational purposes of Immanuel, thus supporting Immanuel’s church mission and programs.

The Foundation carries out its purposes through direct expenditures or by making distributions to Immanuel. The source of these distributions is from the assets of the Foundation. These assets are accumulated primarily from gifts, contributions, donations, and bequests. These funds are managed by a board of 7 members, including the President, Treasurer and Senior Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church (ex-officio directors) and 4 members elected from the membership of Immanuel Lutheran Church (at-large directors).

The 4 at-large directors are elected on an annual rotating basis by the Directors. Meetings are held quarterly at Immanuel and last between one and two hours. Contact Foundation President Dave Kroeninger for more information.