THE ORIGINAL CONGREGATION of Immanuel Lutheran Church came into being in 1912 with the first worship services held in a carpenter shop in New Butler, WI. The first pastor to conduct these services was Rev. John C. Schmidt, pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Milwaukee. A modest chapel was built in October of 1912 and was dedicated on the Festival of the Reformation, October 31st. The Christian Day School was started soon after that. Services were held in German in the morning and in English in the evening.  Immanuel installed its first called pastor, L.J. Ave Lallemant, in 1915.

THE PRESENT CHURCH was built in 1983 as a result of a growing and expanding congregation and community. Included in that building project were a new sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms and office areas. Back in 1955 Immanuel had moved from the original church in Butler to a larger site in Brookfield for many of the same reasons:  church attendance was increasing, Sunday School had become crowded and the Christian Day School was filled to capacity!

THE FIRST SCHOOL was started soon after Immanuel opened its doors for the first time back in 1912. In 1922 a school room was added to the church. The school had some troubles but was reopened in 1950. The current school building was dedicated in 1959 and additions were made to both the school and church in 1962. From there it has continued to grow and serve God’s people in a wonderful way! We are thankful for the changes and renovations that have taken place, most recently, the addition of the All Purpose Room (APR) in 1999, and the conversion of the old gym into Child Care and Pre-Kindergarten rooms in 2000.

SINCE ITS BEGINNING in 1912, Immanuel has had a rich history of pastors, teachers and faithful members. We have been blessed by wonderful leaders who faithfully serve God’s people in this place and beyond. We look forward to continuing to equip the saints to make disciples as God has called us to do!